Hospitality Design Magazine – “Hand Cut Burgers & Chophouse” – April 2017 – Scottsdale,AZ

Posted on April 17, 2017
Hospitality Design Magazine
“Hand Cut Burgers & Chophouse” – Highlighting Scottsdale’s Restaurants
Jennifer Young • April 17, 2017
Article Link: http://bit.ly/2osppm4
Hospitality Design Magazine: https://www.hospitalitydesign.com
Thanks to the fine folks at Hospitality Design magazine for this article featuring Hand Cut Burgers & Chophouse in Scottsdale, Az.  We had such a blast creating the artwork located in various locations of the space. It’s always a get down teaming up with the Davis Ink Design Team. View progress photos of all the artwork coming to life in the “Portfolio”.

Davis Ink  : http://www.davisinkltd.com

Hand Cut Burgers & Chophouse: http://www.handcutchophouse.com


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