“Kreashun” is a collaboration of two distinctly different Artist’s, Monty Montgomery and J Feather.

Monty Montgomery and Jason Feather bumped into each other at a coffee shop about 7 years ago in San Diego, Ca.  After working on various projects and exhibits with or around each other, they decided to collaborate. It started out with an exhibit at the THREAD show in San Diego, Ca. and has already spread through more exhibits and massive “LIVE” murals in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Scottsdale and Las Vegas with plans on starting to move into NYC and through the USA, eventually creating all over the globe.  J Feather and Monty Montgomery team up to create dreamlike murals that allow the viewer to enjoy the ride. From “LIVE” mural displays for special events to product development, “Kreashun” approaches every project with the common goal of creating something like no other.

*For more information on various projects, exhibits, and “LIVE” murals, contact Kreashun at Kolor@Kreashun.com





Monty Montgomery


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